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Кодове за грешки - перални HOTPOINT


E10 - Няма студена вода - No cold fill. Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.

E11 - Няма гореща вода - No hot fill.The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being frozen. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.

E12 - Няма смесване на студена и гореща вода - No mixed fill. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps.

E13 - Няма подаване на вода - Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections.

E14 - Няма нагряване на водата -A fault with the water heating has occurred.

E15 - Няма източване на водата - Water is not being pumped out and a flood condition could occur. Check that the drainage hose is raised to the recommended minimum height and that the pipe is not blocked.

E16 - Преливане - Extremely high water level Disconnect or turn off the water supply and ensure that the water level does not rise any more. Then book a service engineer.

E17 - Отворена врата -Door not closed properly. Close door firmly at the 3 o'clock position.

E20/1 - Датчик за температура - The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect. The ambient temperature could be below freezing.

E30/31 - Мотор - A motor drive problem has occurred. Try running the programme again. If the problem persists book a service engineer.

E40 - Изтичане на вода - Water below protection level during a heat step.

E41 - Промени в нивото на водата - Water level detect sequence incorrect.

E50/51 - Програмна грешка - Customer language and wash programme have not been saved. The system will run with default conditions (1000rpm max and English language). Book a service engineer to re-programme your product.

E3 - Heater plate over temperature. Check the filter and vent hose for a possible blockage.

Форум битова техника » Кодове за грешки » Перални HOTPOINT